Shipping to Eleuthera, Stella Maris Long Island, Jamaica & Haiti.
Shipping to Eleuthera, Stella Maris Long Island, Jamaica & Haiti.                     
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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Does the Service Work


 Open a TWINex FREE shipping account online or over the phone, Chose your location in Long Island Place your orders online or over the phone and ship them to TWINex in your name to:


(your name)

1905 NW 51st STREET

TWINex #43A

Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33309


Your local Agent will notify and deliver your items to you

(extra fee may apply on non flight days).

Delivery available Mon, Wed, Fri only if TWINex has all invoices/doc.

(Call for Perishable restriction)


2. How Do PickUps Work? (florida)


 Need something fast from friends or family in Florida or ording online and wouldn't get it to TWINex in time, Just call in your order and have TWINex send a courier to pick up your item(s) from Orlando to Key West.


3. How is my Freight Cost Calculated?


 The freight cost of an item is determined by the actual weight of your total order or dimensional weight for oversized items. ($1.60per lbs.)



4. What is Dimensional Weight?


 Dimensional Weight (dim weight) is when a package takes up more space then weight, that item is charged for its size at the per lbs rate. (LXWXH/166X $1.60= shipping cost)


5. Can my Package be delivered to Me?


 YES We ship, pay your Customs fees and deliver to you at no extra cost.

              (free delivery on flight days only, call for off days charge)

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