Servicing Haiti, Eleuthera, Long Island, Andros, Great Harbour, Nassau & Freeport. .
Servicing Haiti, Eleuthera, Long Island, Andros, Great Harbour, Nassau & Freeport. .                     

Aug 1st 2023:

New address :     1849 NW 38th AVE

                         LAUDERHILL, FL. 33311


Jan 31st 2022:

Schedule and hours of operation change bach to 9am to 4pm Mon-Fri. 


Nov 1st 2021:

Shipping to Andros added Fresh Creek and San Andros.


AUG 1st 2020:

New address:   1811 NW 51st STREET #42D

                        FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. 33309


Mar 31st 2020:

Schedule and hours of operation change to 9am to 1pm Mon-Fri and cargo flights on Sat only due to COVID-19.


feb 1st 2017:

Shipping to Jamaica Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri.


Jan 1st 2017:

Shipping to Haiti Tue & Fri.


Oct 1st 2016:

Shipping to Cat Island, Stella Maris.


May 1st 2016:

New address:   1905 NW 51st STREET #43A

                        FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. 33309


Feb 1st 2016:

comming soon: Cat Island, Stella Maris.


Jan 15th 2016:

Eleuthera cargo schedule change to Mon, Wed, Fri.


Jan 1st 2016:

passenger flight to Eleuthera change to Mon, Fri, Sun.


Oct 30th 2015:

passenger flights start between Fort Lauderdale, North Eleuthera & Governors Harbour 3 days a week.

(Mon-Fri-Sun) Book now.


Sep 1st 2015:

ship with TWINex and have your shipments delivered to you at home or work with one bill.


Aug 17th 2015:

Now shipping Cargo 4 days a week to Jamacia.

Tue, Wed, Thu, & Fri.


June-1st-2015: Starting fall 2016 TWINex will offer an annual scholarship toward tuition for students from Eleuthera enrolling in colleges/universities in South Florida.


April 18th-2014: Now shipping Tuesday and Friday's.


April 11th-2014: Now shipping to Rocksound.


Apr 1st-2014: New agent in Harbour Island and 1 agent at Governors Harbour Airport Wed, Thu and Fri.


Feb 7th-2014: New TWINex agents coming in Rocksound.


Feb 1st 2014: Starting shipments to Rocksound Eleuthera (April 11th 2014)


Nov 22nd 2013: 2 shipments a week (Tuesday & friday) for Nov & Dec 2013.


May 10th 2013: Thursday Flights changed to every Friday morning.


March 7th 2013: Waiting for 1800 lbs flights changed to EVERY Thursday (pm).


March 4th 2013: Aztec and TWINex merging and planing on flying cargo to all Airports on Eleuthera with Aztec's 2 Twin beech 18 and 1 piper Navajo chieftain.

Feb 11th 2013: Monthly and yearly mail service no longer available.


Jan 12th 2013: Monthly and yearly mail service added.


Jan 8th 2013: Sat shipments changed to shipments sent as soon as we have 1800 lbs.

Dec 1st 2012: Now you can find out everything about our services on our Website or facebook.

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