Servicing Haiti, Eleuthera, Long Island, Andros, Great Harbour, Nassau & Freeport. .
Servicing Haiti, Eleuthera, Long Island, Andros, Great Harbour, Nassau & Freeport. .                     

TWINex Scholarship.


      TWINex will provide an annual scholarship of $1,500 toward the tuition for students from Abaco, Eleuthera and Andros enrolling in colleges/universities in South Florida, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


    All Donations will be added to the scholarship fund and additional scholarships may be available for other students.


    All scholarships awarded will only be paid directly to the college/university of his/her choice.


The following criteria will be used to determine scholarship winners:


1. Must graduate from a High school in Abaco or Eleuthera.
2. Must be enrolled or enrolling in degree program for the upcoming semester.
3. Academic Merit – based on grades, test scores, honors, awards and recommendations.
4. All applicants for Undergraduate Scholarships must possess at least a 2.5 GPA or equivalent. Applicants for Graduate Scholarships must possess an Undergraduate GPA of or above.

5. Financial need.




Please complete the scholarship application, attach along with any and all other forms in PDF format and send to:


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Jan 1st to April 15 Each year.


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